Raspberry RumChata Jello Shot Recipe

Raspberry RumChata Jello Shot Recipe | Ridgetop Digital Shop

Looking for something new to serve at your Valentine or Galentine event? Try this Raspberry RumChata Jello Shot Recipe.

Oh! It’s good! You won’t regret it. I’m not sure why RumChata in a jello shot hasn’t caught on yet. But it will, because it’s fabulous.

Raspberry RumChata Jello Shot Recipe How To


• 1 1/2 cups Water
• 1 – 6oz box Raspberry Jello
• 3/4 cup RumChata
• 1/2 cup Vanilla Vodka
• 1/4 cup Raspberry Liqueur
• 10 – 4oz cups
• optional: whipped cream & sprinkles


[1] boil WATER
Pour water into saucepan. Place on stove over high heat. Bring to boil.

[2] add JELLO
Once the water is boiling, turn off the heat and pour in contents from the jello packet.

[3] STIR until dissolved
Using a fork or whisk, stir jello until it is dissolved – usually about a minute.

[4] add RUMCHATA
Let cool just slightly, then pour RumChata into jello mixture.

[5] add VODKA
Next, add Vanilla Vodka to jello.

Add raspberry liqueur to jello mix. Stir.

[7] POUR into cups
Pour mixture into cups.
If I am bringing the jello to an event, I use 4oz plastic cups with lids. If I’m hosting the event I use reusable silicone cupcake liners.

[8] REFRIGERATE until firm and ready to serve
Place jello shots in the fridge until they are firm and you are ready to serve.

[9] add DECOR
For additional Valentine spirit, spray on whipped cream and top with heart sprinkles.



– Instead of raspberry jello, feel free to use unflavored gelatin. The flavors then come strictly from your alcohol choices. I prefer the added flavor of the jello.

– The RumChata separates from the other ingredients creating a layered effect. It’s normal. It’s fine. Your guests will be so impressed, thinking you worked extra hard on these layered jello shots.

Galentine's Day Raspberry RumChata Jello Shot Recipe | Ridgetop Digital Shop
Please enjoy the Raspberry RumChata Jello Shot responsibly.

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Raspberry RumChata Jello Shot Recipe | Valentine's Day Jello Shot | Galentines Day Jello Shot | Ridgetop Digital Shop


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