Party Popcorn Recipe

Party Popcorn Recipe | Candy Melts | Sprinkles | M&M's | Ridgetop Digital Shop

Party Popcorn!

We are popcorn fanatics around here. This recipe adds fun, color, and sweetness to our usual popcorn goodness.

The popcorn can be created to meet your theme needs. Pick candy melts in a color that coordinates with your party. Sprinkles come in all kinds of shapes and colors – pick one that suits your fancy. Then, add any other candy your group prefers or looks best with your theme.

The awesome thing about this recipe is you can use whatever you have on hand. In all honesty, I live 30+ minutes from the nearest store with candy melts. I didn’t want to drive to town, so I used what I had in the freezer from a previous event for this party. Have peanut M&M’s on hand rather than regular? Use those – their delicious. Rolos or sixlets leftover from Halloween? Throw those in, too. So good!


+ Popcorn – I used air pop
+ Candy Melts – I used pink, white, & blue
+ Sprinkles – I got some fabulous ones from Amazon
+ Chocolate Candy – in this recipe I used Valentine colored M&M’s
+ Salt – optional, but I prefer salty over sweet
Note: amounts will vary based on your needs. Personally I use a lot of popcorn, but don’t drench it in candy melts. I use enough candy melts to give a fun color to the popcorn.



Air pop the popcorn into an oversized bowl. Mixing can get messy.

Microwave popcorn would work. But, would have a different look, feel, and taste than air popped. I prefer air popped for all my popcorn needs, so that’s what I used.

Party Popcorn Recipe | Ridgetop Digital Shop


Place each color of candy melts in their own microwave safe bowl.

Microwave each bowl separately, at 30 second increments, until the melts are good and melty smooth.

Drizzle the melted candy on the popcorn. Mix it in. Also, I sprinkled on a bit of salt before the candy hardened. The salt is optional, but I love salty popcorn and salt with chocolate.

Repeat with each color.

Party Popcorn Recipe | Ridgetop Digital Shop


Add your fun sprinkles and various chocolate candies.

Party Popcorn Recipe | Ridgetop Digital Shop


Serve the popcorn and enjoy – it’s delicious!

Looking for something to serve the popcorn in that matches your theme? Check out our printable cone wrappers and snack boxes.

Party Popcorn Recipe | Candy Melts | Chocolate | Sprinkles | Teen Party Planning | Ridgetop Digital Shop

Party Popcorn Recipe | Candy Melts | Chocolate | Sprinkles | Teen Party Planning | Ridgetop Digital Shop


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